A different approach of deciding who has been naughty or nice :icon_sad:


A real sick place!

However, in my place someone attempted to karate kick (as seen in some movie) my front door in two days before xmas to steal my meager xmas presents. One way to get presents for your loved ones!

The 'santa' had planned to flee to Cananda - he had thousands of dollars taped to his legs and corset(?) and a ticket but he accidently burned himself so badly he could not stand the pain and killed himself. His car was booby-trapped so he could kill more. Now is when I wished I believed in hell.

I think the Canadians are very lucky!

I think they are very lucky -- Canada will not allow extradition if the prisoner is facing a death penalty trial. It would have become real messy!

I heard its up to 9 now :(