Will Microsoft Abandon Windows to Compete with Linux?

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As much as Microsoft loves to grinch about Linux, they've made significant changes over the years to compete with it--and will abandon it altogether to maintain their competitive edge. Windows 7 will be the last Windows product.

What changes has Microsoft made to compete with Linux? They've prettied it up a bit, revamped some of Windows hardware pain points, and fixed some of the infinite rebooting that must occur any time you install software or patches.
They've also done quite a few name changes over the years beginning with the Windows NT to 2000 name change. Then Windows XP. What the heck does XP stand for anyway? Now Vista, which for me is the high-end Windows Me (Mistake Edition), and in the near future--Windows 7, which should be Windows NT 8 if you're keeping up.

So what will Microsoft do after Windows 7 to remain competitive? I think they've realized that bloated operating systems aren't going to do the trick with the introduction of Netbooks and smaller devices. They've also realized that their bullying and scare tactics don't work with today's more tech savvy customers.

Ok, no more waiting. I'll tell you (and Microsoft) what their next move will be to maintain Desktop dominance.

Microsoft Desktop.

That's it, Microsoft Desktop.

They might follow it with a year just so you know which one you have when you call for tech support. For example, when they abandon Windows 7, the product will be Microsoft Desktop 2012, then Microsoft Desktop 2015, and so on.

Ok, Microsoft, tell me I'm wrong or pay me for the idea. I'll be waiting for my check. If we call it a "bonus," we'll get a lot more air time out of it. Alternatively, you could give me a lifetime supply of Microsoft products.

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What the heck does XP stand for anyway? Now Vista, which for me is the high-end Windows Me (Mistake Edition), and in the near future--Windows 7, which should be Windows NT 8 if you're keeping up.

XP stands for eXPerience. And windows 7 isnt NT8, its officially NT 6.x still in order to maintain compatibility with the vista/server 2008 line as its not a major release, just a point release.

There was:

Windows NT 3.x
Windows NT (NT4)
Windows 2000 (NT5)
Windows XP (NT 5.1)
Windows Server 2003 / XP pro 64/ Home server (NT 5.2)
Windows Vista (NT 6.0)
Windows Vista SP1/Server 2008 (NT 6.1)

And actually, i do think MS could do quite well as a redhat-type company selling support and certifications.

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I know those number but when you rename a product and redo it, that's more than a minor revision change: 5.0 to 5.1. They are grasping at trying to keep their OS fresh and I think calling it simply, Windows Desktop will do it.

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what is the real differance between windows xp and windows vista?

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The issue with Microsoft's products has to do with their crippling license agreements. We can call it whatever we want to but it's the EULA that gives Microsoft full control over your data and computer(s). Frankly, I find it laughable that a "technical writer" would be happy with a lifetime supply of Microsoft products. That's like asking for a life sentence in prison.

Really, you should empower yourself with Free Software that respects and protects your freedoms. Get GNU/Linux and leave this EULA crap in the past where it belongs.

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It's cheque NOT check. You make yourself out to be an authority but in fact you talk complete rubbish. I think your whole article sounds like it is fuelled by jealousy and bitterness. I will tell you what will happen, yes Microsoft will copy the cream of the ideas and innovations or simply buy them and re-brand them. I wish I was in their position as I bet you do secretly. Like it or not, Microsoft accelerate innovation and technologies by their actions. If everything was left to the Dev's we would not be where we are today and technology would be that of 1995 or there about. A blend of the Dev's and the commercial appetite of Microsoft is a good thing. Please be brave enough to keep this article and don't block it as it contradicts your comments. Mogafett.

mogafett 0 Newbie Poster

PS You wouldn't catch Bill Gates in open toed sandals and white socks. As I said....a blend is good...open your eyes...http://www.catb.org/~esr/faqs/linus/le2.jpg

PS You don't wear open toed sandals too, do you? It would explain a lot.

scru 909 Posting Virtuoso Featured Poster

I'm sorry, how can anyone take this seriously? This article is obviously a joke.

Take for instance: "What changes has Microsoft made to compete with Linux?"
Assuming the writer is talking about the desktop arena (and from the rest of his post I would say he is), he either has a great sense of humor or is hopelessly deluded. If even he'd said something like "What changes has Microsoft made to compete with Mac?" then it would have been a question to take seriously; at least with Mac there's actual competition.

And Microsoft Desktop. Don't you get it? he's knocking the way Microsoft sometimes picks these severely dumbed-down names for its products.

Thank you, Ken Hess, for tickling my funny bone. (As always)

khess 95 Practically a Master Poster


A lifetime supply of MS products would give me all the fodder I would ever need for thousands of articles.

khess 95 Practically a Master Poster


I'm not British. Cheque is for those who speak the Queen's English. American English is Check. Oh, I do have a secret love for Microsoft...oops...cat's out of the bag! <wink>

khess 95 Practically a Master Poster

I do have a great sense of humor (humour). See? Funny stuff, that.

c-tech 3 Junior Poster

why are guys so hard on Microsoft? be fair, just a little bit.

khess 95 Practically a Master Poster

BTW, I don't wear sandals...don't even own a pair--ick, that's for hippies. I don't have a Van Dyke beard, a ponytail, body art, piercings nor do I live in my parent's basement.

Paul.Esson 53 Junior Poster

"Windows 7 will be the last Windows product."

Do you have a reference for this statement, Did Steve Balmer tell us in a recent keynote I missed.

Or are you just speculating and attempting to pass it off as fact ?

jbennet 1,618 Most Valuable Poster Team Colleague Featured Poster

Win7 wont be the last windows OS because microsoft have said "windows 7 (not including Server 2008 R2 which will be 64 bit only) will be the last 32 bit windows OS, all future windows OSes will be 64 bit" implying that there will indeed be further releases

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Here's the scoop on what makes me say that Windows 7 will be the last Windows product, in case you didn't get it from the post. Microsoft changes the name of its products to meet what they think is the market trend so, in turn, they'll rename Windows to Microsoft Desktop. They won't abandon the OS, they will abandon the name Windows for the name Desktop. It's new, it's hip, it tells the story.
And the Windows Server product line will be Microsoft Server Standard Edition, Enterprise Edition, etc. The name Windows is old and needs a good makeover.

jbennet 1,618 Most Valuable Poster Team Colleague Featured Poster

Microsoft desktop sounds crap, i like Windows whatever

Andrieux 0 Junior Poster in Training

So...soooomeeeeoneeee likes to hear their own words...

I mean, seriously--Microsoft is the computer hardware powerhouse. Linux is never going to be more popular, unless you're talking about people who are serious about their computers. (I mean, the woman who loves blogging about her favorite restaurant isn't going to want to do it on a Linux machine.)

Linux =/= Microsoft; they're for two different people. Linux is aimed at developers, Microsoft is aimed at the "common" people when it comes to computers. They don't compete. And they won't compete.

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>Then Windows XP. What the heck does XP stand for anyway?

I always thought it meant Windoze eXtra Pathetic! ;^)

Of course that was before "Vista" came along, the Edsel of the computing world! ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edsel )

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As a newbie to this site I was a bit disappointed by some of the comments in this thread.I thought the point to these types of forums was about being constructive for the purpose of advancement of knowledge and understanding.Correcting a persons comment or statement can be made without the overtones of spite and malice clearly intended to highlight the level of knowledge the respondant has regarding the subject and elevate said person above the writer by ridiculing what was written.
Ken,I think the satire in your article was obvious,if a little cynical,but that's to be expected of a person and people who's level of technical knowledge of computers is way beyond most people,and clearly you all seem to see Windows as a bit of a blundering giant.For the vast majority(and why it is a success)Windows is great and it is reasonably easy to sooo many different tasks by people with limited knowledge,understanding and interest in OS structure.It's now an all in one package,office,home office and entertainment-media center.I found the article enlightening as I have not long ago bought new comp. with vista ultimate and now know that it is no-where near as good as it was touted and am learning it does not seem to be as easy to use as XP,but maybe i'm just used to XP.Either way Vista won't be around for long.
Anyway,thankyou,and be nice to each other, as the comments show the same principal is a work with words,violence breeds violence,tit for tat becomes tit-tit for tat-tat and so on.Constructive comments would make you a better writer,providing better quality for the reader who would give better feedback and we have advancement......Best Wishes to all.

rsiny 0 Newbie Poster


>..you all seem to see Windows as a bit of a blundering giant...


The cynicism you read is well deserved! Many of we computer professionals have to constantly deal with the internals of Mickey$oft's products, and get VERY frustrated on a daily basis! Most end users of Mickey$oft's products do not realize that the seemingly useful products are some of the most poorly written, insecure, unstable, incompatible software ever written! Nor how the corporate giant uses threats, lawsuits, and other heavy handed tactics, to either annihilate or take over their competition, while spreading FUD (Fear Uncertainty, and Doubt) about the competition that they cannot destroy, such as Linux! The latest suit against GPS manufacturer Tom-Tom is a prime example!

I am sure you experience similar frustrations with suppliers, Government agencies or individuals in whatever business you are in.

This forum is not the only place you will read such comments.

Rick Stanley

uliwehner 0 Newbie Poster

i find it quite interesting that there is so much @#$#% when people talk about MS and Windows. To me it is more important that my stuff works great than if other people's stuff does suck...

Ponder this: What if MS does not rename of revamp their desktop product, but simply drops the sale price to 50 bucks?

Do we really think we can outcheap them forever? They want to sell MS office for a couple of hundred bucks, and they will protect that product (which incidentally does not run on Linux and UNIX)

How motivated to switch would you be if you could get windows for 49,99?

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