Hello !

I finally took the leap and joined DaniWeb. I will tell you why. Daniweb is easy to use and I find the answers I am looking for here all the time.

I am not a newb, but am not a programmer by any standard. I manipulate access pretty well and use interop with MSoffice frequently. I am a computer geek, build my own systems and end up being the IT desk for everybody I know, usually with the support of folks like yourself. If youve ever helped me, I thank you.

Everything I've learned to do is self taught over the years. I visit Allen Brownes access site site so often I fell like I know him. I'll bet I could recognize his code anywhere, just by reading it !

I mostly work in vb and vba, with some WordVB and some automation in other Office apps, like Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint. I've been using Access since 2.0 and have found a way to accomplish or automate just about everything I've tried with help from the internet and places like this one.

Feel free to contact me, I'll help if I can !

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