Oh, yeah, I guess they did announce that today? I already forgot...

"Beast and the Harlot" A7X

One of the cover teachers at my school met Robet Plant in the street a long time ago!

"Tainted Love" - Marilyn Manson

i love listenng to: TWO STEPS FROM HELL

"The Bleeding" Five Finger Death Punch

commented: Good song. +0

"My Last Serenade" - Killswitch Engage

black eyed peas today

Slipknot: "Duality"

"Non-musical silence" - Marilyn Manson

If I have some music on, usually streaming one of my rock stations on Pandora.... Atreyu, Avenged Sevenfold etc.... I like harder rock lol

Nothing. Had to clean install windows, and I have nothing as of yet :D

Yeah. Finally worked out that the registry was corrupted and it affected all my games. Tried to restore to previous version, messed up other things, backed up...
Formatted hard drives and reinstalled. Thankfully it's all working and I'm out on top :)

"(s)aint" - Marilyn Manson

"Enough" - Disturbed

"Misery Business" - Paramore.