I usually listen to music while I'm browsing here, what are you listening to right now?

EL-P - Fantastic Damage

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I am in the living room, browsing here, listening to "Make Them Laugh" on the t and v.

I m surfing and currently listening Madonna's "Frozen". om my pc.

me to! im browsing right now and i am currently listening to fall out boy "america's suitehearts".

Listening my fav song from Basshunter - Now you're gone

ive seen basshunter!!!!

im playin mah bass guitar atm

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I'm listening to my voice.. ahihihihiihi....

dunno was a present i think maybe £175-£250 ?

I am currently listening to the Music and Lyrics soundtrack Way Back into Love, after this song I will be listening to Final Fantasy 8 song Eyes on me

no music at work for me today... might be a long day

Radio under repair, cellphone still charging, hmmmm...what else, sterio? already a thing of the past...in short, no music for today. so sad.


Here is my old one

pretty cool & expensive..

I'm listening to the song "Inner Universe" of the jp anime series of Ghost in the Shell... I like Origa but it's treble is The London Oratory School Schola

nice choice,

"The Lawrence Arms - Apathy And Exhaustion" for me

BBC World News

i like that song. all along the watchtower too.

Scent of Flesh - Deformed in Torture, thought it was Swedish at first, but obviously Finnish DM.
Up next on the playlist a crusty classic from Stormtroopers of Death, "Speak English or Die!"

i lke mart friedman's solo albums a lot. also last sunday i went to massage salon and had an hour of massage. During that, they were playing some far east relaxing music. i think i will find some of those as they will remind of being massaged and relaxed. The music it self is also very nice.

Bayside - Bayside, get to see them tomorrow, yay!

poker face by: lady gaga.. oh woh oh oh.. ahihihihih...

Listening to the finacial news and it makes me gag!
You can now own all of General Motors for less than a Billion Dollars.
By year's end GM, Chrysler and Ford may not exist any longer!

Better switch to a classical FM station and a glass of wine.

tah na.. na.. na.. na.. na.. oh rico mambo.. oh rico mambo yeah..
ahihihihihihi... :twisted: