A while ago i had no problems with my server... but suddenly this message appeared when i tried t start apache services:

(OS 10048)only one usage of each socket address (protocol/network address/port) is normally permitted. :make_sock: could not bind to address no listening sockets available, shutting down
Unable to open logs

how the heck do i fix this?

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I think something else you have installed is listening on port 80, browse http://localhost what do you see ?

well... i have my site being listening port 80... or being listened... i dunno what's the difference...

the thing is, i have it listening port 80 so my localhost is open to the internet...

Only one application/service can listen for a given protocol on a given port at a time, what on your computer do you have other than Apache that might be serviceing HTTP on port 80 ? IIS for example.

well... AFAIK, only web servers use this port, and AFAIK i am only using apache as a web server... i used to have wamp, but i uninstalled it long ago, even before apache started working...

the thing is, it was working fine days ago... but it suddenly stopped working...

i think it is because, as i am connected through a router, i have port 80 forwarded to address in the routers configuration... and today i checked and my pc was connected in so i changed it for it to be in *.100, but it still didn't work...

i even made my ip static, and it din't work that way...

i guess another programme is using port 80.
did you install any thing before some day?
try some software to know whether 80 is free or not.

Type netstat -a -n -b at a command prompt this should list listening ports and what executable is listening on it (thats what the b switch does, mine shows inetinfo listening on TCP:80 which is IIS)

Hmm just realised I am assuming you have a windows rig.

Also if you have port 80 forwarded to .100 what box has that address ? because if something already has that address and you changed your machine with the not running apache to that address too... well thats an IP address conflict which will cause strange behaviour.


httpd.exe *IS* Apache. End the process in task manager and then try starting Apache again.

found out where my problem was (besides that one)... thank you...

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