Disarmonia Mundi - Resurrection Code

Shakira'a Waka Waka.... In my Office Cabin:)

We are the world by Various artists

Megadeth - "Holy Wars... the Punishment Due"

Only you can make me happy. don't know who sang it.

Songbird by Kenny G

The saxaphone dude

What are you always listening to blues, e-papa.

Now i am listening to my macbook fan running

If i could turn back the hands of time.

True colours .

Suddenly somone in my class shout the fuc** word and soon everyone is shouting that exclude me. Hehe

Afro beat by Fela

Cool Oldies blues

You're my angel by Anita baker

Just the way you are

Sleeping in Airports - Markus Schulz Remix.

Justin bieber - Baby

Blues by Anita Baker

A song by Anita Baker

I feel Immortal by Tarja Turunen