Jar of Hearts - Christina Perri

Cancer - My Chemical Romance

I’m listening to Broken angel by Arash and Helena, the song is so heart touching and very calm. I mostly listen to it’s music and lyrics they are so awesome.

When you walk on - Eliza Gilkyson

Frank Sinatra - New York New York
Zoe Badwi - Free Fallin'

Thats just a girl trying rap like a guy.

Well, when a girl (not a woman) tries to tell you she can do a man(not a boy) thing and does it well, then she's worth listening to.:)

I'm listening to my neighbors singing old songs..

Resident Evil (Dark DnB Mix) - on youtube :)

New Model Army - No rest for the wicked

The sound of my dog barking:)

give it all - rise against.

Best thing i never had-Beyonce

Mr Simple on YouTube. I couldn't understand a word they sang but they sang it very very well. Looking at some of the other YouTube music videos -- I didn't realize Chinese music became so westernized :-O Looks like China's version of America's (Britain's) Got Talent.

News on BBC

Total silence....thats all i can hear now

Death or Glory - The Clash (i have the album playing through

I can hear my colleague munching his food

Today, 21 years ago SRV died!