I don't know what to say but I laughed my *ss off - you gotta see this

I just went right to it.

Me too, but when I attempt to play it, I get a message that the video is no longer available.

All the single asians
Lets make some noise for all the boys with asian flu -
I'll be Lucy liu
I make chai tea
I make rice
I may have a copy stashed - otherwise, I don't know why.

lol that is soo wrong but o so funny ........

(i had no problems veiwing it )

Must be back up. I can watch it now. Anyone for sushi :D

This is actually an advert for a German reality show but I love this kind of stuff (I think I posted other guerrilla art before). 200 people took over Central Station to the bemusement/amazement of the the real people.

If any sees other examples, please post!