Hey everybody,

I am a computer scientist working in research in the field of accellerator technique and ion beam diagnostics in Germany.
Additionally I administer two websites. One is a community website concerned with a serious social background (work with joomla, php, mysql), the other one is just a guild website for my wow-guild ;) . I am used to java, java 3d/2d API (e.g. piccolo), python, haskel (and derivates of that), modula 2, uml...and some other things
my favourite programming language is python (love it)

the focus during my diploma was on artificial intelligence, graphical data processing and language processing (wrote my diploma thesis between artificial intelligence and speech philosophy)
I worked for two years in a project on signal processing and cellular neural networks, and now just started a new research project in accellerator physics.

nice to be here.

wow! sounds cool. I think you scared everyone away!

no seriously, welcome and I hope you stick around. sounds like you've got a lot of insight that could be quite helpful to people with tech and programming questions. and, who knows, maybe someone here might be able to help you.

glad you're here, thanks for posting.


hey jephthan,

thanks for your nice welcome. I am afraid you're right when you say I scared the people away :D

on the other hand: I found this forum becaus I was searching for some help while programming, because I had some problems with the access on openGL with python...and I already found some help. How nice that is. Isn't it.
I also hope I can give something back. I'll try

see ya