A nuclear attack is perhaps the most real and immediate end of the world scenario. No monsters need to be thought up, no fiction created to make this apocalypse possible.

Go here to find out how you would fair in a nuclear attack.

For me:
Shockware: Shaken
Head Blast: Roasted
Fallout: Glowing

My hometown of Bronx, New York would be devestated. New York was one of the primary targets of the attack, so no surprise there. Let's hope this situation never becomes a reality.

i call shenanigans.

this scheme assumes every city with a population this side of Irvine, CA (pop ~201,000) will be completely devastated.

anyhow, the 1980's called: they want their mass scare back.



My hometown is colombo , zip code is 094.There is no entry in that list.
population is just ~647,100.Medium level tech city, It's very easy to
find computer waste here. So good place to learn electronics. ;) and I think we are just safe cos we didn't harm anybody.And didn't mess with those middle-east countries , they are our friends as well as Europeans. so I think we are not targeted and we not have to die.
and my country is not a challenge or a problem for any other country.

so I think the ppl who start the war is the ppl who spend their life in fear , and we are not part of the problem.In other words we don't have the hi-tech defense and we don't
have the fear. War is not the field that we interest on invoking technology.

eh... when one power falls another one will rise to take its place.

I'll agree, though. flying under the radar has its advantages.

I think every city in the US had some reason for being one of the cities to go in the first wave, like it was some sort of badge of honor (Seattle had Boing, Billings MT had an air force base, Plentywood Mt had ABM silos - the list goes on)

Seattle - overall damage 8 of 10 -- blasted, charred, and glowing.
Billings - 1 of 10