this guy next to me is Kerry King from Slayer. i grew up with his songs. today i am happy like a child since i met him at guitar center and had these photos

While their did you buy one of his $1k guitars, and $2k amp heads?

they are not that expensive man, the exact model that he uses is 500 dolars.

i dont believe he plays the same guitar that is sold in guitar center anyway. probably his is handmade or something. But anyway i feel high for two days. it is very exciting to see one of your favorite guitar players. i am dying to see Marty Friedman too. Last but not least i want to see Julienne Walker and i will have her sign one of my favorite snippets :D

By the way, if you've ever aspired to playing like him, Someone has gone to great lengths to teach you how:

He forgot to mention how to do the slow songs. And the prescription for that is: rip off Morbid Angel, or old doom bands everyone's forgotten about.