Firends Please post your opinion in Yes/No - Is India still an outsourcing king?

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make up your mind.

For me, its not the place that we are referring to. It should be the quality of people who do the outsourcing works. The name India was just synonymous with big populace. Naturally, more people there are into outsourcing as their means of livelihood. But to be considered as King, is another story.

ahuh's no longer

To be very honest, I do not know if its the King or not, but practically India has one of the top quality brains who offer best solutions.If you take an overview, tell me which company doesn't outsource, it has to as everything that is required to run a business isn't available with any company. There the economy is low and the labor charge too, so that is one of the best solutions to gain good returns of the investments adding to the profits.

I agree with you there, it really doesn't matter whether India is the King when it comes to Outsourcing or not, what matters is that India is considered as one of the best countries that is good in outsource businesses and technical stuffs. They are hardworking people too.

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