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MySpace Tuesday announced some changes to its developer program, fine-tuning its policies about the way member applications are allowed to communicate with users. It also leaked news of enhancements to its messaging API set to be available in June.

The new guidelines were outlined in a blog post by the MySpace Developer Team. In essence, they’re looking to curb spam and other forms of unsolicited invitations and enticements.

Here’s the essence of what’s new in the Developer Guidelines:

• No incentives may be given to a member for sending a message, bulletin, comment, or any other form of communication. This includes “points,” “bucks,” increased standing, or even features within the app.
• It must be very clear to a member what they are sending, when they are sending communication. “Share with friends” is not sufficient messaging, the link must state “send comment,” “send bulletin,” and so on.
• The “no popups” rule we have had in place since day one applies to messaging windows. This means no more popping up a messaging window the first time someone tries to use an app. No popping up messaging windows without a user clicking on a very clearly marked link.

The new rules go into effect immediately for all applications developed after today. For those already deployed, developers have until June 3, at 8:00 pm ET to get their apps into compliance. “After that date we will review all applications and take action on those that are not in compliance with the new guidelines,” read the post. MySpace set up a forum to handle questions about the new rules.

The company in June will add an Applications Communication Channel to its messaging API, describing it as a “brand-new messaging service built specifically for apps that will enable custom app invited and notifications.”