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Hi, I am looking for a laptop or netbook for under £250.

I want it to have:
at least:
webcam not necessary
preferably a DVD+RW but if not then the laptop/netbook will need to be under £230.
Any help will be hugely appreciated. Thanks in advance

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Try ebay.

I do not think that even Morgan keeps such low price. As Salem said, ebay is your best chance (or wait another 2 months and you can have my one ;) )

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ok thanks, what is your new one? :D

Something from HP. Didn't made a pick yet, but it will be something with smaller screen than my current 15.4". I will use external 24" monitor at work

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lol, how much would you be selling your old one for?

Not sure, it is Acer Aspire 5512 with Intel Pentium M 740 (1.73GHz), 1GB MEMORY, 80GB HDD (not 120 you are looking for), ATI mobility Radeon X700, wireless & bluetooth, DVD, TV tuner and a card reader

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Well when you are then message me and i will tell you as soon as i have the money you want.
I think i can live without the 120, I can always buy an external hard drive. I would love to buy that as soon as I can :)

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