I was going through the ACMA's blacklist and wondered, "Do you think there'll ever be such a censorship in the states, in years to come?"

Then staring at the list, why: don't they just report some of the crap to the staff with all the convenient report buttons on the site, instead of tediously adding a bunch of subpages; not report some of the illegal sites to authorities of the hosting nation and have them pull a "party van" into a suburban driveway one early morning; does it seem that the only porn sites they haven't banned is the major ones(a few of which are banned though), soon you'll have to wait in line for government approved VHS-es; do I get the feeling that the system is already being abused by blocking WikiLinks(for exposing the list), EncyclodpediaDramatica(hosting list), an anti-abortion site, Peta, et al. And who the hell intentionally browses for obscenity like this?

Do you believe anything sinister like this could ever drift over?

), soon you'll have to wait in line for government approved VHS-

You already do? You cant commercially sell recordings without submitting them to the BBFC for rating...

I just looked at this - I remember a wonderful movie from the 1960s - The President's Analyst that had this wonderful scene that seems to be motivating the Aussie Gov.

I did not know that your government could do that!?!?

The US Congress has already tried this with stuff like the CDA and COPA and both times got shot down by the Supreme Court.