Okay, so either i'm a complete idiot or i have the right to be fully irritated.

I've designed a website that runs perfectly on my local machine and internal test servers in IE and FF but when i uploaded it to our live server FF stopped reading the style sheet. It still works perfectly in IE, Chrome, Safari and Opera. This is the strangest thing that has ever happened to me.

I tried to google my problem and i see that people keep on mentioning the text type but in my case it is correct. it is text/css so i still don't know why. It can't be the server either because other website i've done runs perfectly from the same live server in all browsers.

is there perhaps a hack i put onto my pages for that specific website...

hope someone can help :D

thanks in advance!

Please post your code or a link to a test page.

Regards, Arkinder

Try moving/copying your stylesheet into a folder names styles in your document root. So in theory you should be able to access the file via http://yoursite.com/styles/nameOfCSS.css If that doesn't work, then it's most likely a server issue.

Regards, Death

i think you just use folder name as style to include all css's.
then just make sense that that takes properly or not means on live server can it takes proper css or not. just check out!

I've read the thread on SitePoint, try this: install on Firefox an addon called User Agent Switcher:


then go to Tools ยป Default User Agent and change it to Internet Explorer and check the page that gives you the problem. Let me know if the css still doesn't load. If there are problems with the FFScreen.css then it will load those for IE, otherwise there is something wrong with the path.

hi cereal, thanks for the reply. i did download it and ran the site and did as you explained. however nothing is changing...

the strange thing is that opera, chrome, safari and IE reads the styles... its just FF. my first thoughts was that it was the session code in the address but if it was then none of the other styles sheets would render.

i also thought that it might be some settings on the server, but if that was the case all of the other sites would have done the same thing, but they don't.

i'm puzzled.

however, as per my last post on the other thread, it was not 'n client requirement and since this is not a public site, the client is happy with working as it currently does...

thanks for your help!

Is your site live? Link us to the problem page if you can. If we experience the problem ourselves we will find it easier to help.

unfortunately i can't. as per my previous comments, this site is strictly client confidential... i wish i could because it's difficult talking about a problem and expecting others to help when they don't even really know whats going on.

sorry guys!

MJ you said that you've tried different browsers but, have you tried to open the same pages from another workstation? Try it, maybe is just your Firefox config. If you can't use another workstation try to start Firefox in safe-mode (http://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/Safe%20mode), disable all add-ons and see what happens...

And maybe you could, also, upload an example page with the same styles to another server. So you (and us) can verify if the FFscreen.css file starts to render or not.

I don't have other ideas :s bye

It's on all the machines :(

i just don't know anymore. the other sites work fine so it's not that it's a certain machine, server or browser.

Thank you for your help in any way.

if i do come across a solution i will post an update for future reference :)