It is about time to get some developer feedback here. We are launching a new type of betting site, do you all think this sort of betting will catch on.....?

Following is the intro text we are releasing, any thoughts greatly appreciated:

poserFish.com is the world's first true peer-to-peer betting network. What does this mean? poserFish.com is not a house, a bookie, or a typical betting site by any means. poserFish.com provides a network for people world-wide to find other people to bet against. Every detail of a bet is controlled by the member. Odds, amount of bet, winning and losing stipulations and many other things are defined by the member who creates the bet. The bet outcome is decided by the members involved. poserFish.com simply holds the money for each participant in the bet until they have decided an outcome, then we pay the winner.


Thanks to everyone.


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I don't know if that's completely legal, but it sounds like an excellent idea. I think you could make some big bucks off of that. I do think it will catch on, and probably fairly quickly...Great idea.

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