I purchased a Dell computer that came with 90 days of McAfee Virus protection. I want to install Norton Antivirus 2005, but I do not have a disk, as I purchased it online. How can I : first delete McAffee safely (without being exposed) and then install Norton... I cannot find a relevant link on the Symantec website.

If you purchased Norton online, there should be a file (or two) that you use to download the product. If so, you can disable your internet connection (to prevent "exposure"), uninstall McAfee, then use the downloaded file(s) to install Norton on the other pc. You might also simply go to the Norton web site and download the product again. Chances are your purchase was fulfilled through Digital River; you can go there and enter your order number and redownload the installer.

All this of course depends on whether the license for Norton permits installing it on a second computer.

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