>That's pretty much how all the ads out there read.
I realized it was all bullshit when I read an ad requiring ten years of Java experience...in 1998. :icon_rolleyes:

Or the one I read requiring 15 years of NT4 server administration, in 1996.

>where the interviewer assumes from the start that the candidate
>is incompetent and his entire resume a complete fabrication

Did you know that probably around half of the candidates for a position lie on their resume? In harder times, that percentage increases quite a bit. It's safer to assume that the resume is worthless and determine the candidate's suitability through conversation and tests that are relevant to the job.

Sadly, that is the case. I find that personally insulting however, both from the person who assumes I'm incompetent because he's seen others that are and by the person putting me in the position where I am assumed to be incompetent.

Far better to assume the resume is correct and try to weed out the lies through conversation.
Else I might start assuming the company is not one I want to work for, destroying my work ethics even before I start.

Or the one I read requiring 15 years of NT4 server administration, in 1996.

When Narue made a statement about 10 years java exp in 1998 I couldn't believe that, I was literally asking myself could that be even true or would she have read the ad incorrectly. But believe my surprise (or shock rather) when just yesterday I saw a company making the ridiculous demand on one of the job portals here where they required an experience in Java/J2EE for 15 years. It is still the start of 2010 and even if do assume that Java was out at the start of 1995 yet still who would be the guyz with a 15 years "hands-on" experience of a langauge that itself is barely 15 years old. C'mon if you need the James Goslings and the Bill Joys why not write to them directly ?

I started out with a temp agency here in St Louis in 1986/7. At the time I had zero programming experience, not even college degree. My sole assets were that I was about 43 years old, recently retired US military, bought an Intro to C programming book and cheap computer, then studied that book for a few weeks. I saw an ad in the local newspaper for an entry level job, applied for it, and was hired.

I could be wrong but I suppose there are still a few entry-level jobs like that for us normal-brained folks.