I found that pretty funny, as well as the oatmeal's comic about printers. It might be old news to some of you but I don't frequent the site so I tend to forget it exists until a friend shows me a link.

That is funny and the printer toon was spot on(chuckle). Later---

Thanks for the funny truth!

Family liked the DVD's I made from DV tapes so next thing I'm sent a bunch of old VCR tapes and I'm stuck to a screen showing me nothing but weddings, funerals and kids parties for three weeks while I try to capture them to my aged PC which is suffering GB-hernias for it's thankless drudgery. The 'stipend' – family speak for pocket money - ALMOST covered the cost of the Analogue-to-Digital adapter I had to buy to complete the task. Family always demand the impossible be done by yesterday at the very latest for the very least outlay. And who am I to deny them?