hello...I am having a hard time trying to figure out what is wrong with my recycle bin...I delete things and they go ...I don't know where so I can't restore anything I have deleted to the recycle bin. I unistalled all my Norton things and I still put stuff in the recycle bin and it disappears...can anyone help me? I am getting frustrated! :mad: :mad: :mad:

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Which Operating System are you using?

Try these steps. Check whether Recycle Bin works or not after trying each step, if it works correctly then do not proceed furthur steps:-
1] Right-click on the Recycle Bin icon and click "Empty Recycle Bin" (even if its empty) and then check whether deleted files go to Recycle Bin.

2] Right-click on the Recycle Bin and click "Properties" and here uncheck the option "Do not move files to Recycle Bin" under "Global" tab.

3] Right-click on the below provided link and click "Save Target As" (or "Save Destination As") and save the file with default filename (that is restorerecyclebin.reg)
Next, double-click on that REG file and click "Yes" to merge it to Registry. Then restart the PC and check whether the Bin works allright or not.

4] If the above tips doesnt help, then go to Start Menu > Run and type cmd and press Enter. Next, in Command Prompt, type the command (for XP):-
rd /s /q c:\recycled
and press Enter key. Then reboot the PC and check whether Recycle Bin works correctly or not.

thank you but it did not work and the command won't type into the line it comes up the system file cannot find the file specified.

it still isn't showing up anything I have deleted in the recycle bin...ran all the norton removal program things...is there any hope?

how do you tell if if it is NFTS? or FAt 32

how do you tell if if it is NFTS? or FAt 32

Open My Computer, and R-click on the C: drive, then select properties, there it should say what the file system type is.

thank you!

:) :) :) thank you so much swatkat and just a nobody...I have NTF
and If your file system is NTFS, try this.

Start > Run: cmd

At the command prompt enter:

rd /s c:\recycler

Confirm the prompt to delete the bin and its subdirectories. Reboot the system and save a file to the bin.

If the file system is FAT32, use the command:

rd /s c:\recycled


Yes, i knew it! That's why i asked you the File system :)
Is the Recycle Bin working correctly now ?

yes it works perfect now...thanks!

yes it worked to me the 3rd option.after i restarted my pc i deleted a file and it apeared to recycle bin

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