I wanna say when I was in the 8 - 12 yr old range, I used to play this point and click game similar to kings quest 7 style of graphics, except it wasn't a side scroll type game. As you moved to different scenes, the camera angle would always be different. I'm 22 now, so this is probably a 10 to 15 year old game.

One scene I can remember specifically was your character is trying to cross a grassy hill side. You would have to move your mouse over certain parts of the hill, and little voices would perk up and say "Nope!" or "Uh UH!", and if you clicked it when it said something like that, you would fall and have to try again. If you were in the right place, it would say "Yep!" or "Yahoo!", and you could click it and advance towards the end of the hill.

It was a fantasy game, and I think it had something to do with finding a crystal? Or stopping this witch.

Another scene was you were on a stage and had to improvise a violin using a saw blade and something else you found earlier to play a song.

If this sounds familiar to anyone, let me know! Im feeling very nostalgic and i need my fix!

Edit: I forgot, you also have a rope I believe that you use to help you solve puzzles.


Torins Passage!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3q--alhvuo&feature=related Heres teh grassy hill scene lol.

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You cant -1 in a general chat forum =(

You cant -1 in a general chat forum =(

Apparently you can.

Although on topic, I don't know of the game you describe.

Yes you can go apparently.

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You cant -1 in a general chat forum =(

maybe you can't, but I can...