Hi guys, im currently using a dell studio 15, and i just recently upgraded myself to windows 7. All was fine till a few weeks ago where i started to get problems with my graphics card. My screen will flash black once, come back up with 'ati radeon stopped working but has recovered' work alright for a minute then the computer just restarts itself. I have updated the ati driver, and have made certain by using 2 different device updating softwares, however this problem just doesnt want to go away. The computer runs well in safe mode, except for the obvious limitations it puts on me. Help me PLEASE!!!!

There have been reports of Win 7 causing Nvidia cards to overheat while playing games. Perhaps your having the same problem with your AIT Radeon. Does this happen while you are playing games or doing something else that require heavy graphics? Before it happens do you hear the fan speeding up?

ati radeon
what version/series ,my 9200 would not work ,ati had no win7 driver for it ,so i bought a newer video card

Have you tried cleaning your video card with a can of air. the fan on the card gets a lot of dust build up and causes the video to flicker or go black screen.

Hi guys, sorry daniweb would'nt let me log on for some reason.
@ janoble: no, this has been occurring just after I log on and the desktop comes up.
@caperjack: Its an ATI radeon 3400 HD, in a dell studio 15 with 3gb RAM, Intel core 2 duo CPU P8400 running windows 7 32 bit

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