I've been invited by Dani to introduce myself.
Well, I'm a new-old guy. Been in IT for almost thirty years. I'm addicted to newsblogs (Newsvine, Guardian, Al-Arabiya, LeMonde, etc.)

Usually you climb onto their forums by getting into the box at the bottom of the blogs but this is the only 'box' I've been able to find here so that's OK.

My niche: Universe, Unidata and all things "Pick" (relational databases Other than Oracle)

My passions: Music (been composing for 50 years - piano, guitar, banjo mostly), travel (especially Hungary: I've been going there for 10 years) but really anywhere in Europe or North Africa. Also - writing, cartooning (I currently do a comic strip in an online Ezine for a friend).

Spent over 2 decades in the service (after being a real, live Hippie), and Oh yes - I love anything comic or satirical.

But I'm new to: Object oriented stuff, Java (I just had my first course last year), Iphones, Ipads. Facebook creeps me out but my daughter made me get on it.

Dislikes - Jeeze, I've collected a bundle of 'em over the years but probably:

1. People who put other people down by saying "how do you know? Are you a lawyer? How do you know? Are you a doctor?" etc. This is a cheap shot and it annoys me.

2. People who are going to tell you what "it" was all about when you were somewhere and they never were, f'rinstance: "Vietnam vet huh? Let me tell you what that was really like, because I'm 19 years old and my neighbor's grandpa met a guy once who was in the Marines, stationed in Atlanta, once, in the 1990's..." or "You were in Europe? I know all about Europe because I read the National Enquirer; they're all communists over there. My brother read that in Soldier of Fortune Magazine, too...Europe - that's like part of France or Canada, right?"

So those things kind of tick me off but other than that I'm probably pretty easy to please.

Hmmm... that's about it.

Hi Pickosaur, nice to meet you :D