Around here, I don't see many "clever little childs", as a crazy witch would say.

I see alot of kids who simply do not care about education. They just want to "hang with there homies" and not do diddly squat.

A shame really.

I gotta hand it to siblings although. The good 'ole trick of the older brother is bugging me and I am the little princess never ceases to amaze me.


Monopolistic Microsoft -> !(EVIL)

just imagine how much less there would be to talk about with out microsoft. Fast moving technology comes at a cost(security, legal issues)haha. Without microsoft fueling on hardware advancements what do you think a computer would be capable of today????


sleepsleepsleep---> nightmares

*I dedicate this to those nightmares that I've seen where I wanted to scream but couldn't in the dream,wanted to wake up and move but felt like paralysed,wished to stop seeing those dreadful things but couldn't*

:eek: weird?Once I saw some people cutting the body of an infant into pieces and frying them to eat with their meal.Horrible nough.

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