politics--> liaisons

USA troops in Iraq --> army

indulgence--> surrender

You were supposed to take the word from the last post and find a word associated with it... In this case you must take the word "army" and write an associated word that comes to your mind.

USA troops in Iraq --> army

"Old Navy" store --> jeans

jeans--> casual

plain--> indian

indian --> tomahawk

tomahawk--> throw

throw --> baseball game

wow u need help that is the best u got for throw??lol

basball game-->homerun

Hey I'm playing the game by the rules... "... first thing that comes to your head".

homerun --> baseball players running to catch

Have a problem with this one mikeandike22?... :), just kindding ;)

baseball players running to catch--> out


house --> the movie "13 Ghosts"

the movie "13 Ghosts"--> not scary

blood curdling screams-->hospital

hospital--> thank goodness

I´m safe--> at home