don't --> make any sense

pity party --> say what?

[gosh goldeagle, not familiar with the term "pity party" eh??? google it! ;)]

Get your senses --> dont talk nonsense

I don't ~> me neither ~_~

*why is it sooooooooo quiet today*


Let's talk something else ---> Topic

love?--> very interesting topic to discuss

Very interesting topic to discuss-->Indeed

Indeed ----> Factly

factly --> modem

Outdated --> Videocasettes

bad quality --> microsofts zune

microsofts zune --> apple ripoff

apple ripon --> red ribon

Red Robin --> Robin Hood

Red Robin --> Robin Hood

robin hood > sherwood forest

sherwood forest --> utah national parks

sherwood forest --> utah national parks

utah national parks (googled! :lol: ) - canyons

canyons --> indiana jones

Indiana Jones --> Whips (Ohh my my...XD)

whips --> whip cream