Ho ho ho -> LOL

Hey buddy, you are ruining the whole game...I hope you know the rules :(

Install shield => Softwares


Uh...I think there is a bit confusion woth previous posts.....so the game is not running in sequence.

So I request, you all that you post instantly after you open thiis as well as other games, not after few moments...cause probably someone else had posted and may ruin the sequence.

Hope You all understand

Lets Start with the post 4386:

Softwares -> Program Files


Vishesh: Now you are ruining the sequence...what is the relation between Adobe and Traveller. ;)

Adobe -> Photoshop


Welcome --> Where?

Don't I seem to ask a lot of questions??... LOL

Sorry!! I clicked on the link on my email and it brought me to the reply that was right after mine... lol but let me correct it!!

House -->Wife


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