I'm a man age 36 just from a few days ago, on Aug 8.

let see tell you about myself, kinda hard to do......

I'm a computer geek and I love computer games like black hawk down,
I from Houston Texas and I was born here, I am married and have two little girls ages 6 and 7 yrs old... fun times.

I work for ACS dataline @ HP on site techn for Telecom and network support, and been also doing some computer support and helpdesk support as well in the past......

It's kinda hard to tell you about myself ( u no)

I have 9 computer at the house and a web server at home too, running Linux RH9 and it's having problems. Well all the computers are having problem as we speek, we had a lighting storm hit our house and i think it blow everything up, well everything in my house is having issuses, like( the phone, RR cable modem, AC unit, gas oven, 9 computers, Router, the NIC cards, cables, Xbox, TV) exc..exc..exc... list goes on and on......

right know I'm dealing with a issue at the house that makes no sence to me!!!!!!! WILL LET YOU KNOW LATER IN POST,
if I can find a plase to put all of it. LOL

well that's about all I can think of right know... if you want to know more just ask or you might want to ask my wife.. :cheesy: ..hehheeeee J/K

well hope to here from some soon

see ya
Linux_Newbe: Jerry Reis

Hi Jerry,

Welcome to the community!

That lightning storm seems to have caused you some real problems :/ I hope you enjoy it here and can find what your looking for.



Thanks for the reply, I looking on the machine I was talking about right know, sometime it will let me search the net and sometimes it won't... where do I go to download the scan and run the scan....

Thanks Jreis

I am not sure I understand your question. What kind of scan?

I keep reading about a Hijack scan, where do I find it.... be all over this site looking for it.... can us send me a link PLZ

I got my 7 out of 9 computer on the net, but for some reason I still having the same problem as before, I can open a few windows like yahoo, google, but when I go to hit a search on something I goes back to the same pagem (Cannot find server or DNS Error
Internet Explorer ) been working on alot of stuff it figure it out and still haven't found anything, I running W2000pro all the updates are done, and I'm using SpyBot Search and D, and AVG, NoAvare, RegistryFix, I tryed all of them and still the same thing nothing there, just a few cookies, and I deleted them, I checked TEMP floder nothing there, I'm getting to the point, I think I need to just do a reinstall on windows but really don't want to due to the amount of crap on my wife machine. she doesn't have that much stuff on her machine. all she does is search the net and play POGO..............

I need to know where the link is to do that Hijack scan and show you what I have so I can get some to help me........

Thanks Jerry Reis

sorry about the miss spelled words in last post,

Well I've found out how to get on the net, but It is still doing the same things, when I go to any site it will show (cannot display link), or something like that, and I'll have to hit the Refreah buttom to get it to work, at the bottom of the page it will say this
(....javascript:doNetdetect().....) I looked it up on the net and didn't find much.

the problem is still unknown and can't fing the sloution, need help please or let me know where I can find the solution

Thanks Jerry Reis

well hello everyone, I just wanted to let you all no how pleased i am with your support and thanks for everything,

I found a back board to fix the problems with the Cannot connent to the DNS server, on enternet explorer

oops!!!!!! here come the boss, will write back in a little while sorry