I have a Logitech model: M-CAA42 mouse which works ok most of the time, but I'm getting tired of dealing with the cord, this mouse also lacks any features other than right and left clicks.
I'm thinking about buying a cordless mouse, but I need an education in just what's out there, and what I should look for, and stay away from. I'm also currious about what extra freatures are available that are useful in normal applications, such as scrolling.

A change to a simple wheelmouse will make the world of difference to you. The second feature you noeed to look for is to ensure you get an 'optical' mouse, so that you don't have a tracking ball to constantly clean. With those two features alone you have it 'made'!

Cordless is a bonus but also a nuisance all of its own, with battery changes etc to be addressed.

Remember - Optical Wheelmouse!

The rest of it is simply candy on the cake :D

Howdy Catweazle, that looks like the ticket, no cord, no moving parts, and because of my business, I always have lots of batterys for portable test equipment. I took a couple of minutes to go shop Tiger Direct, and found a Logitech L23-6518 optical, cordless, mouse, with scrolling capabilities, for about $20.00 (U.S.). As my dad used to say, " that oughta float the boat!"

I'm unsure about wireless jobbies cause I don't use them myself - you may need to install a driver for the wireless receiver. but try the mouse itself with standard Microsoft drivers rather than the provided ones. you can always install the proprietary ones later if need be.

Generic drivers operate better, in my view, and you don't get program conflicts with them.

I have several different optical mice here. One even has 5 buttons, and all are recognised and useful with standard Microsoft drivers in use. The mouse is about the only component for which I recommend not installing manufacturer drivers!

Hey Electohead04...I purchased a Logitech L23-6518 over a month ago, shortly after my last post in this thread. Thanks anyway.

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Ok! You're welcome! - I suppose i should pay more attention lol ;)

ah, the MX1000. I have its slightly cheaper brother, the MX700. Indeed a great piece of kit.

Go to newegg.com and look there you can get a wireless keyboard and mouse for under 40 bucks.

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lol.. this thread closed months ago :lol:

Ha!. it aint over yet! just info..: i use an MS intellimouse that has 5 buttons, no compatibility probs ( of course!), side scroll, and fits my hand just so. and i think that that is a very important factor. and cos it sucks batteries until they go hollow-sided, i only use old batteries in it. it tells u when they are almost dead, and its time to raid that dim flashlight...actual battery drain? not a worry...with a new set i imagine many months would be possible. but i do not know..:D.

Ah!!...school starts soon, and then you won't be so short of things to do.

ahh..looks more deeply...california, huh?! As the ground moves (jerks), so are the people...

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