Hi all,

Afraid I'm not going to be much help just yet. Am learning C++ and Java. Used to be a Cobol Mainframe programmer in a previous life and I'm having a hard time with OOP. So I mostly come here to get answers to how to do something or why something won't work and how to make it work.

Welcome, From somewhere in your "previous life" you will undoubtedly have information for you to share with the needy who turn to Daniweb for help. I'm sure that others with different expertise will do their best to help you, should you need help.
Enjoy your membership in Daniweb--it's a great site.

Welcome to DaniWeb (",)

I also have a hard time switching from COBOL to OOP. The people here in DaniWeb makes it easier for us to switch. Enjoy (",)

Hi dddundalk,

New to the boards too and what a coincidence, we're on the same boat *waves from the other side of the boat* Just starting Java myself. It's been years since I touched on development myself. See you around.



this is a great place to sharpen your C++ skills. welcome and enjoy!