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Nice definition, but we all want some practical guidelines for the improvement of SEO knowledge.

It is truly an art today, working successfully on web optimization aspects of domains which are listed on search engines pages. Optimizing a page or site needs to be done while being attentive to a dozen of elements which can play key roles also.

Contents which are added to the websites need to get optimized as on page elements are still important. Addition of one way links to the pages too could be among essential factors to mention in this connection.

Now a days seo has be the big platform for online business. But none know about exact purpose behind SEO. SEO was developed with a view to set the relevant pages of search at top most position.

well thanks to all for your replys..And SEO is often measured by the most technical part of web marketing. This happens because it will help the SEO for the regions and also requires some technical knowledge - at least a basic HTML. SEO is sometimes also called free SEO piece that most techniques to promote websites, search engines deal with text.

SEO(search engine optimization)is process to make your site search engine friendly and improve the visibility of your website or web page in search engine to gain traffic.

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