hi everyone!
after attempting to sign into my hotmail inbox for the 'illionth time today and not being able to :evil: , AND after contacting various tech support because of, i decided to officially join this site and make myself a home for seeking-out computer help. i just bought my first computer three weeks ago and am having to crash-course learn as fast as i can how to maintain one! (i don't know much about computers except how to email and surf the net and a little bit of info i've gleaned over the past month.) i've already run into a few problems with my computer, and the amount of information out there on the net (and on this site alone!) is tremendous, to where i feel i'd have to give up school and family to read all of it :}. as a novice to the IT realm, can anyone offer me a more stream-lined course of action for learning computers than randomly searching the internet during crises(-prevention)?

thanks so much! :)

Hi ethercentric n welcome to daniweb ... you can ask whatever problem you have in an appropriate forum here on daniweb.... and I'm sure you'll be provided with enough help as to learn everything by yourself. Good luck and keep in touch.