Hi community, this is my first post and I thought I would start with something about myself before I start asking questions and leaching your brain power from you :)

Name: Chris
Age: 39
Specialty Language: C++, Microsoft Visual
Years Experience: ~25 (hobbyist)
Profession: Mechanical Engineer

Why Daniweb? When I get stuck, I google and the rare occasion I do not find the answer on msdn library there have been a few good answers here. Never participated in a programming forum before so I thought I would start giving and not just taking. I have written many games and have experience with all the DirectX SDKs from #1 to 10. Have written many other types of apps too help improve my productivity and accuracy in my profession. Looking to have fun and too create something neat, most recent being Direct2D and DirectWrite making a poker clock and odds calculator and an RTS game of modern naval and air warfare (beginning stages in Direct3D with water, terrain and ships rendered). Anyways, looking to meet some good people here with similar interests, I hope I can1.

P.S. My alias, TheRealOrder: I have used Order as a name online (starting with BBS') since 1985. Popular word which’s seems to always be taken, so I changed it to TheRealOrder. I have been asked if I have a secret plan to rule the universe like the Emperor’s Order66 in Star Wars. For the conspirators theorists out there - yes!

Hello there. Welcome to DaniWeb :) I hope you have a good experience with your first programming forum. Also, thank you for choosing us to be your first ;)