I have another 18 months until I am discharged from the military but thought I'd get some input from IT professionals to point me in the right direction so I can be successful in the networking field of IT. I have over 10 years of experience working with computers (support & network issues for family & friends), but unfortunately, lack the professional working experience sought out by most (if not all) hiring managers.

Information about me:

* Working as an Avionics Technician specializing on communication and navigation systems in the U.S. Marine Corps. At the time of my discharge (June, 2012), I will have 5 years of experience.

* Pursuing a B.S. in Management with a minor in Electronics Systems Technology. Graduating in May.

* Hold a CompTIA A+ certification and will soon start studying for the Network+.

* In August, I will apply for Boston University's MBA/Information Systems Dual Degree Program.

I am planning on applying for supervisory and management positions rather than entry level ones (technician), but what do you think my chances for success, taking my limited experience in account, are? Any other advice will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,

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Welcome to Daniweb.:)

I'll ask the moderators to move this to our IT Prof Lounge, you'll get more feedback from there.:)

welcome and good luck!

18 months - it's quite a lot) you could easily pull up the knowledge. Learn the requirements of specific companies - and try to learn the necessary questions)) good luck)

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