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Poor guy!
I had gallstones removed when i was 18. Luckily they only removed my gallbladder, and not anything else!
Oi! Id be outraged!!


> I pitied the guys, maybe he should really sue the medics

You reckon? I'd buy the doctor a pint myserlf and have a good chortle about it in the bar afterwards. I hate all that litigation nonsense. People have to take responsibility for themselves. He should have got a DIY gallstone remover kit, only EURO4.50 from WalMart. Huh, imagine putting your trust into a medic. I mean, it's not as if they're trained or anything. Serves him right.


> He might have fault too but he might be too careless to realise that
Sure, maybe he mistakenly checked the "Cut off my balls" box because it was directly below "Remove gallstones" and the form was single-spaced.


Nah, I keep a spare set on the mantlepiece along with a spare set of keys. You never know when some evil medic'll jump out of the bushes and lop off your knackers.

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