The title seems not interesting but here I am going to explain. I posted a unique article in articlesbase and I started getting backlinks from nowhere, 3, 4, 10, 20 per day from different websites. Thus, I noticed that my article has been reposted and syndicated by different autobblogs. I am getting a lot of backlinks from this autoblogs. Its a big help to boost my site's SERP....

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This type of republishing is fine but if some one is rewriting your article and then publishing it with you link removed make me really angry...

I have experienced this. One ezinearticle of mine was edited, meaning only some words were replaced and posted as his own.

But there are worse. There are those who just copy and paste the entire article without any reference to you as the original source. Tsk! Tsk!

I totally agree with you on it. There are many people out there who don't understand what importance the unique content is.

If the article is reposted and syndicated by different autobblogs with same links you have posted, then its worthy as it gives lot of traffic to your site. These sites are interlinked to each other and they really help in improving SERP.

This type of republishing is fine but if some one is rewriting your article and then publishing it with you link removed make me really angry...

Yes you are right. Its not easy for some one when your unique content is being theft and you cannot do any thing to stop it.

Dude, are you crazy? These people are profiting over your hard work. Wouldn't you rather get the money that they're making? Damn thieves. I just submitted an article to titled "Why Auto-Bloggers Must Die" and I can't wait for it to be approved. I mean, yes, they gave me credit for my site's link but when it went through their article spinner, it changed my domain name from "The Glaring Facts" to "The Blatant Facts"

WHAT THE FFFFXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX......*******Loonnggg Beeeeeepppp*********************

one of my articles at articlesbase got published on many other sites...i myself thought that how can they put my original content on their sites...then i realized their importance that i was getting more backlinks from these sites as well.

9 of 10 autoblogs does not rewrite contents.

I often write quality articles - and I often get them re-published all over the Internet. Do I worry about that? No at all. I'm quite flattered honestly.

Okay Mr silver, I really impressed your thinking of let republishing your article by auto bloggers and I will try also for my own site aswell but one confusion is there, I think this method will work out until unless some one is not going to play any thing with my own links. isn't it!

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