Name:           Rik
Height:         5'8''
Weight:         145-ish lbs probably (I haven't checked in over a year)
Hair:           Greying brown
Eyes:           Blue
Location:       Wellington, New Zealand
Year of birth:  1964

OSes:           CP/M, Multics, Unix (various), MS-DOS, RSX, VMS, AmigaDOS, Linux (various), Windows (various)

IT languages:   RPN, BASIC, UCSD Pascal, C, exec-com, Fortran, CoBOL, Z80 assembler, MS-DOS batch, DCL, *nix Bourne shell, sed, awk, PostScript, PCL, CaPSL, REXX, SQL, HTML, Java, XML, CSS, JavaScript, Perl

Hobbies:        Motorcycling, going out with friends, photography, pub quizzes, snowsports, Tai Chi/yoga/pilates/somatics/Feldenkrais, swimming, cycling, web surfing, watching TV, listening to music, movies, American Football, being slightly odd, computing & technology

Relationship Status: Open

Music:          From rock to baroque with a few exceptions although I'm not sure I can define them in a few words!  Classic rock, metal & older classical styles are probably my favourites though.

Education:      Computer science/software engineering, science & mathematics

Work:           Software development/systems administration of Linux/Unix systems with some Windoze thrown in.  Currently looking for another job having been made redundant (4th time in just over 23 years)

Food:           Steak & kidney pie, Brussels sprouts & mash

Movies:         This Is Spinal Tap, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Monty Python, 5th Element, Contact, The World's Fastest Indian, Naked Gun

TV Shows:       The IT Crowd, QI, Kingdom, Mythbusters, The Simpsons

Video Games:    Lemmings, Tempest, Space Duel

Dislikes:       Blind ignorance, closed-mindedness, inconsiderateness, selfishness, ambiguous use of language, people who flick their cigarettes out of their car window

Other:          I have been contributing to SETI@home & more recently BOINC since 1998.
                I emigrated to New Zealand at the beginning of 2010 from the UK.

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Welcome to daniweb Rik, hope you enjoy your stay.

Ps :Do you know there is someone with almost the same name as you?


Thanks all ... I hope it will be a mutually rewarding wossname ;-)


Gariidan here I am new to this forum and want to say Hi to all new and old Members

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