When the publisher decides to.

When will the world end?

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No seriously, as long as you don't mistake a lion for a giraffe, you know that pirate ships can't fly upside down, and that tress grow in spring. You should be winning at life.

Where is this going??


Is going nowhere.

Where would you prefer to go when you die? Heaven, Hell, own home or GO to the bar and party with other ghost?


I would rather die, and simpley be dead, no after life. Once you have lived a full life, you get tired of living. Once it's over i will be grateful for the time i have spent, but i will not grieve when death sees me.

How about you?


Me, i will go to the bar and party before fate decide me where i will be going next

How old are you?


just a 5 year younger than you

what is in your mind?

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because if i die there's no pretty woman in Daniweb LOL :D

why my hip hurts?


yes it is..
i make look like a tazzy devil, but if you look in other perspective you will see my true beauty :D hahaha!

are you drunk ?


me either.. i dont understand what i'm talking about..

am i drunk :D


i study hmm...:D

i'm studying stored procedure right know..

any tips about SP?

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stored procedure in sql..

drink as if its the end of the world LOL! haha :D

who is your avatar?

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