haha. Portgas D. Ace.

How did you get into computing.?

i don't know. i wake up in the morning then i don'tn know why i'm here.. :D

i don't know your avatar.

is that from the anime ONE PIECE?

commented: I know you can't see me, but I'm applauding you right now. +0

No, mine is from Dilbert!

Was the last post my ChengYi a question?


Why is this place empty?

no it doesn't matter..

Who will bring this game up?

Its the time to disco .... :D

why you asked that?

cuz he got banned

time is nothing, is it?

I did not ask that!

Do you like disco?

i don't know what's disco

am i a fob?

depends on if a fob is a bad thing.

why were there so many people here who got banned?

I am looking for the same question

What's going on?

googling for nothing...

Where was Wenbnets question?

he didn't post them

why he didn't post them?

because he was to busy googling nothing.

can you speed down and slow up in stead of speed up and slow down?

Is up to you:))
can you run slow and walk fast?

Sure I can, when compared to different objects.

Am I wrong?

everything is possible

can you run slow and walk fast at the same time?

Since everything is possible, it is possible.

What does it mean by fick dich.

It means "f**k you" in german.
Is this correct?

It means "f**k you" in german.
Is this correct?


You asked it.....hahaha

Next question: Why hulk is always angry?

Because of his green color and may be he don't like green color.

Is the fly without the wings, called a walk..??

No. cause it will be an ant.

Why joker has scars on his face??????????

Because joker want a big smile.

Why superman first wear pants than underwear?