What do you use to make the stuff you want too make?

My choices:

Modelling: 3DS Max
Design: Photoshop Cs5 Design Premium
IDE: Visual Studio Professional 2008
Game Engine ( optional ): Unreal Engine 3 (UDK)

So just to clarify please reply with what use to make models with or to design with. As well as your Chosen IDE and Game engine.

Lets find out the most popular choices!



Modeling: Blender
Design: Cracked version of CS3
IDE VS2010 Professional(Thanks school)
Game Engine: Designing my own right now actually =)

I don't do much modeling, but when I messed around with animation I used: Blender
IDE: Microsoft Visual Studios C# 2010 Express Edition, Eclipse (Java)
I'm just dappling in game scripting for a little on the side fun (nothing like programming to get your mind off of programming :)), but a friend of mine almost exclusively programs games and we both use: Unity 3d

vi and a compiler or interpreter, mostly. Eclipse for some things, but I prefer to have my hands directly on the code.

For my day job (writer) I'm putting together a suite of mostly open-source tools that are doing nicely for me. Gimp, of course, for bitmap images, Oxygen for DocBook (XML schema for documentation, generates html and PDF). Just added scribus for situations that want more attention to layout. Looking at inkscape for drawings, but I haven't actually done anything with it yet.

For translations, I use a Caran d'Ache with fine nib and a legal pad, and Pelican blue-black ink. Used to use a Libelle, but it was too heavy for extended work.

I'm still just a dabbler, I dabble alot lmfao.

3d modleing and animation - Blender
Game engine - pygame,wannamakemyownplayinwithithereandthere.exe
Image Editing - GIMP cause im a gimp and not much of an artist sadly
IDE - python--Idle c++--vs2008