Just read the latest headline Microsoft Buys Skype.... what are your views about it will it enhance the functionality of Skype or will increase its crash rate as other MS products..... and i was wondering why my Skype is creating problems from last couple of weeks:-/

Not so cool, although i am a skype user microsoft is a bit too much. Just because they have created some cool stuff and rich, does not mean they can keep on buying other people stuffs. Not everything can be bought using money. Is there a link to show the report why microsoft buy skype?

one can only buy things if the owner wants to sell it

check this link

Microsoft should offer more money

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I was in the process of translating Skype. Now it's turned into an MS plaything, the challenge doesn't seem so rewarding. :(

Can't say I'm over-enamoured by this.

Time will learn that this means the end of skype as we know it! We should start checking out other ways. Today, I had a conference over skype with one of my USA clients, and it broke up about 4 times in 1.5 hours.

yes you are right..... it has been crashing over and over for last couple of weeks

Mircosoft is the cause of this. What will happen if Microsoft decide to but over daniweb? Is too scary to even think of that:-O

i was wondering my skype doesn't work properly since last couple of days and now as MS bought it may be it's not solve soon.. ;)

Maybe it won't even be solve:-/

I think Microsoft is going to brand Skype as a Windows Live App. Microsoft might develop for the Windows OS only.

If they do so for Windows and not for mac users, i will kill them.:D


>> In the news previously, probably a month or so, I read an article regarding intelligence agencies' inability to monitor encrypted skype communications.

>> Microsoft buys Skype. My thoughts? Does this mean our calls will remain heavily encrypted? Who knows.