I used to collect Tonka sports cars when I was little.
The Matchbox ones are okay too.

Don't forget the famous British sports car, the Jaguar.

You guys are you sure we aren't forgetting something ?

Bugatti veyron, i'm sure that car has been on Top gear before.

Why are all the sports car you post, so old? Can post something more modern like BMW sports car or others...

I don't like new cars like BMW. I like some of the super-cool looking once like Bugatti Veyron but they are too expensive, so my first car will be one of the old once. They are fast and nice looking

Now maserati is a nice car. Anyone here looking forward to buy a super cool car? Those expensive one rich people always drive.

oh my, is that the mercedes silver arrow.

Looks like a 1955 model. Very classic styling for the folks from Stuttgart.

That carpark is under my block, do you live in Singapore, Salem?

Oops, i accidentally posted the same thing 2 times. Thank god my father was in the office otherwise his car would have been wrecked also.

You can this sporty thing in yellow too ...

Am missing the McLaren F1 here. Even the Veyron couldn't beat it.

I like any sports car that dares to show up in refreshing colors.