iPad Takes Over Dashboard in Upcoming Electric Car

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Many new iPad addicts out there have certainly had the idea: It would be so great if there were an easy way to mount that thin tablet on your car's dash to use all those apps on the go.

Now, one California start-up has announced it's making the dream come true. T3 Motion 's main business is in "green security" - creating electric and hybrid vehicles and Segway-like personal transporters for law enforcement and security personnel. But they're also planning a plug-in hybrid consumer car called the GT3, with an interior that will be centered around an iPad where you might normally expect to find the stereo or control panel.

"In today's advanced mobile communication environment, people on the go demand clear and consistent connections as well as in-car access to information and the Internet," said T3 Motion CEO Ki Nam. "As a next-generation consumer vehicle, the GT3 will incorporate technologies that address both these design requirements."

The iPad provides the GUI for that set of technologies, while CelLynx' 5BARz cellular network extending technology provides the wireless service up to 3G speeds within the vehicle. CelLynx CEO Daniel Ash claims the service will work with nearly any phone and will be integrated with the vehicle iPad.

"5BARz delivers clearer calls so GT3 drivers are always on, always connected for business or managing their personal lives," says Ash.

In another statement released last week, the company explained that the two-passenger, three-wheeled vehicle would actually be classified as a motorcycle, which could allow it to bypass some crash test standards - something to keep in mind when you've got your eyes on the highly prominent iPad rather than the road.

But for now, T3 Motion is more focused on the iPad's potential as a central source of information in the vehicle rather than its potential safety issues. Here's the company's pitch for giving their car the Apple treatment:
With its built-in software and huge selection of developer "apps," the iPad will become the central information hub in the vehicle for everything from travel planning and GPS to audio, video and games. In addition, the 5BARz technology incorporated in the GT3 will increase the range and data rate for the iPad.

When the GT3 finally hits the road, it's expected to have a top speed of 70 miles per hour.