So guys,
I am thinking about starting a little business for some pocket change.
What I am thinking about is becoming a middle-man between people who want a program or
website, and freelance programmers.

The idea is that the person or company would not have to learn how an entire freelance
website works, create a profile, and try to build up a good reputation just to get one
page redesigned on their website. The person or company would not have to deal with
any people problems should any arise, or try to understand the programmer's lingo. The
person or company would also not have to try to figure out what to categorize their project
as, should they not be technically inclined.

The freelancers on the other hand, would be communicating with someone who is not thrown
by their jargon and who can communicate with them using technical terms they understand.

A Little About Me
I think I should tell you guys a little about myself.
I have no formal training in computers whatsoever, but I have been a hobbyist programmer
for about four years now. I have used many languages including: C++, Java, Python,
LISP, (X)HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
I don't have a job so I am free all day, and I have access to a computer with internet
connection at all times.
I live in Iowa, USA and have good verbal and written English.
I have not worked on any projects that have been published, but I do have some
programming experience (as mentioned earlier), and I understand the hacker jargon.

So, what do you guys think of this idea?
Is it a good idea? A bad idea? Is craigslist a good way to advertise for it?
What is a good fee for this kind of service? Any freelancers here who have advice,
ideas, or think it is a good or bad idea?

Thanks in advance guys,

- WolfShield

Any legal idea that can create some income is a good idea. The only problem I can find with your idea, is the many competition out there similar to what you want to do, on established sites like etc.

Any legal idea that can create some income...

...will be taxed to death.

I like the idea. And, competition is what makes us have to innovate to be noticed. Look at places like GoDaddy. Who'd have thought that domain registration was so sexy? Not me! That's why I still work for someone else, I guess.

Anyway, you might as well go for it...and good luck to you. I'll even volunteer to be your first "freelancer". Less emphasis on the "free" part, of course... :icon_cheesygrin: