So today I made a realization in my programming hobby,
I LOVE making the User Interfaces of programs. The core stuff I usually lose interest in, but I could program GUIs all day long and not get tired of it. This made me quite happy to finally realize.

So, my question is if there is a career where that is all you do? Application GUI development. Or if that is just a part of application development and doesn't have it's own job anywhere?

Also, if I were to learn all the intricacies of GUI development, do you guys think that I could get freelance jobs doing it?

Thanks for the info,

- WolfShield

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There does exist this notion of "front-end developer". There is a market for those skills. How much money you could make depends on how good you are and how good you are at getting people to give you money.

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Thanks for the tip! Btw, what languages and GUI toolkits do your colleagues use mostly? I would assume that Java would be quite common. As well as any cross-platform toolkits (wxWidgets, GTK, etc.), just if you happen along the info. If not, of course that's fine.

Again, thanks,

- WolfShield

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