What will happen when the web dies?

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What makes you think the web is dying?

I thought this post would have been by Jingada,

Why do you think web is dying, Okay, when web dies, people gonna make another web! :P


People, will come to their ground :), there's always a evolution after destruction. :D, that's true. do you know for every 26 million years earth gets destructed :D

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Strange statement/question.

Nothing stays the same. The sites we have today aren't the sites of 1994 - thankfully. I bet the sites of today won't last until 2015 - not as they are anyway (except for DaniWeb - change the interface again and I go on the stalk - I kid you not!).
So, let the old die, to make way for the new. I think it's called progress. Perhaps we'll see the first brain chip out in a decade, so you can surf without a screen - all direct to your visual cortex, with options for olfactory and auditory sensation.

I have to say, one development that's peeing me off at the moment is all the hash addresses - meant for breaking the web. Doesn't work? so what, as long as we have a darned hash symbol.

Web die? Can't see it, but it'll change sure, perhaps it'll even be called something else.

Web will never die but constantly improved, you can tell now. Maybe in the future in can be possible. Technology will become so advanced that you can convey message telepathically :D The only thing i know will die here is old thread, until zombie feeder revive them.:D

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