Hi guys,

So like the post header suggests. What is the best email address to use with your own-name domain? Mine is deangrobler.com. Currently the address is dean@deangrobler.com but that just seems to have too many 'deans' in there.

Any other creative ideas?

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depends on what the address is for...
dean.grobler@deangrobler.com for personal use (or deang@)
webmaster@ for people to contact you about your website is a classic
info@ if you're a company and want a central point of contact
etc. etc. etc.

Hmm thanks for all the comments :-) What the email address is going to be used for is pretty much to contact me personally regarding freelance web design and development. So basically it will be used for freelancing purposes.

Also the mail will be displayed on my site obviously and business cards. So if you guys agree that dean@deangrobler.com is pretty ideal then I'll stick with it. Just wanted some input from other professionals.

For your purposes, stick with it. Should assist in driving you projects ;D

I think its best dean@deangrobler.com as per your requirement.

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