Just wanted to introduce myself. I worked at Microsoft and Amazon.com, amongst other companies in various capacities. I now recruit for a really, really cool company.

• 22 developers
• 80 gigabits/sec video streaming
• 600 million PHP requests/day
• 35 million uniques...day!
• 10 million registered users

We are privately held, successful for 14 years, with an always innovating product, debt-free, no investors to satisfy, and have retained our start-up mentality...really. (Btw, our culture is very employee-oriented; this is no HR/marketing construct, we are just people who like people). We love flat management frameworks and have no VP’s. As far as tech management, we have a CTO/owner and three outstanding development managers, that’s all we need to create a very transparent cross-team environment and participatory, project-based ownership.

I don't want to spam you, or bore you, but I would love to get your help in starting conversations with memebers of this community about our product, technical challenges and our the culture. Any advice of how to go about this?


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